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Hopewell Valley is rich in history, but it's not unique. Thousands of small towns, villages and communities just like ours are spread across the country.

What does set this community apart are the people who have lived here and the acomplishments they've made during their lifetimes. Many aspects of their lives are still with us today. The fine homes, old farmsteads, churches, schools and commercial buildings they built still stand.
Index of Stories

1)  Answering the Call 
      The Story of Joab Houghton   
      Jack Davis 2009

2)  Hopewell Valley's Lost Railroad
     The Saga of the Mercer & Somerset  
     Jack Koeppel  2007

3)  Early Road Returns of Hopewell                      Township, Hunterdon County, NJ
     Betsy Errickson 1981  

4)  A Home in the Country 
      The Story of St. Michael's Orphanage   
      Jack Koeppel 2006 

5)  The Forbearance of Moving
      Alice Blackwell Lewis 1976

6)  Early Harbourton
     David Blackwell  

7)  Jonathan Stout
     Hopewell Baptist Church Founder
​     David Blackwell 

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Stories from Hopewell Valley's Past
Welcome to the local history section of our website
This past comes alive through their personal stories. The events that took place here and how they shaped the lives of local residents helps us to better understand our past. 

Since its organization in 1975 the Hopewell Valley Historical Society has published a news-
letter that includes many well researched articles and lots of 
interesting stories pertaining to Hopewell Valley's rich history. This beautifully designed periodical has kept society members informed for generations. 

On this page we'll share a few of those articles.

We hope you'll enjoy the stories and encourage you to return from time to time for new content. If you'd like to support local history please consider becoming a society membership. It entitles you to receive our latest newsletter four times a year.